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Innovative Sobriety Solutions, LLC was incorporated in April 2013 to provide consulting services to Alabama and surrounding states. Innovative Sobriety Solutions, LLC is a company who values and embraces the diversity of our clients which is the communities we serve. Our goal is to offer businesses Preventive Maintenance Services (PMS)  and Awareness to start and maintain effective drug-free workplace services. Innovative Sobriety Solutions, LLC consultants are strong mental health and substance abuse professionals who work along with attorneys to providing the highest quality of counseling, training and consulting to its clientele. You will find a team of caring individuals excited about working with employers and employees to address the issues that affect their company and their employees’ way of life. Whether its training, assessments, consulting or coaching you can be assured that we are giving you 100% of our time and a quality service you will request again and again.



As an individual seeking an assessment, counseling or coaching services for substance abuse, gambling or anger issues, you will find our counseling and coaching sessions are confidential, therapeutic and non-judgemental because we treat the person, not just the symptoms. Our team forges an alliance that helps ensure the health and well-being of every client. Our core vision is to empower people to achieve their personal goals and fulfill their dreams. Our goal is to respond to unmet needs while reaching our mission of respecting the personal choice and dreams of the people we serve and advocate providing them the opportunity to pursue success in their chosen community. 


As a business consultant, Innovative Sobriety Solutions, LLC provides a company with everything it needs to achieve a comprehensive drug-free workplace program, and/or comply with Department of Transportation (DOT) mandated Substance Abuse Professional regulations. We also provide substance abuse policy development, supervisor and employee training.


ISSLLC is a Department of Transportation's Disadvantage Business Enterprise in both Alabama and Tennessee. 


SAP Evaluations for DOT Violations

Life/Sober Coaching

Corporate and Community Workshops

Substance Abuse Prevention for Employees

Workplace Ethics & Sexual Misconducts

Personal Development

Speaking for Events & Workshops

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DOT Qualified Substance Abuse Professional

DOT Qualified Substance Abuse Professional

DOT Qualified Substance Abuse Professional



Our Substance Abuse Professional is a qualified Department of Transportation professional that can help get you employee back to work while working to ensure the safety of  highways and job worksites.

We also work with employees who are not commercial drivers, pilots, train workers, transit workers or any other Department of Transportation workers.

Life/Sober Coaching

DOT Qualified Substance Abuse Professional

DOT Qualified Substance Abuse Professional

Discover your purpose and strengths while transforming your life.  Our program equips you with the skills you need to achieve your goals and overcome obstacles.  Let our Sober Companion/Coach help you develop a Life Action Plan so that you can abstain from active addictive and/or codependent behaviors. Services can be performed online, in-office, or on location.

Drug-Free Workplace Services

DOT Qualified Substance Abuse Professional

Drug-Free Workplace Services

Companies with increased productivity and decreased employee turnover due to substance abuse problems are more productive. Our training and consulting can improve the workplace environment and  your employees' accountable. We provide training to reduce substance abuse misuse as well as assessments to help them get the help they need to be productive. We also help you develop substance abuse policies and procedures to keep your company  and employees safe.


Drug and Alcohol Education

Alcohol and Drug Individual/Group Therapy

Drug-Free Workplace Services

Join our flexible classes whether during the day, nights or weekends, we can help you understand the issues facing drug and alcohol misuse. If you have been ordered by the judge, lawyer or family member, our classes are offered in 4/8/12/16 hour courses. We can start a class with as few as 5 clents.


Alcohol and Drug Individual/Group Therapy

Alcohol and Drug Individual/Group Therapy

Alcohol and Drug Individual/Group Therapy

Break-Thru Recovery provides caring, professional counseling for teens and adults struggling with drug and alcohol dependency. Trained substance abuse counselors help individuals deal with relationship & behavior issues related to drug and alcohol misuse.  The service is private. affordable. and can be done on line in the privacy of your home or in our office.


Gambling Addiction

Alcohol and Drug Individual/Group Therapy

Alcohol and Drug Individual/Group Therapy

Gambling addiction is a serious, potentially dangerous disorder that can be treated with a combination of therapeutic modalities, recovery resources, and supportive therapeutic services. Excessive gambling frequently co-occurs with alcoholism or drug abuse. Let our certified G. A. Specialist assist you with making positive choices and taking action to reduce addictive behaviors.





What is an Employee Handbook?    

An employee handbook or an employer’s manual is a guide that provides information and guidance to employees regarding your organization's history, goals, values, practices, policies, and procedures. If created and used properly, this handbook is a valuable resource for both employees and employers that clearly defines the expectations of each party. Your employee handbooks should also cover other subjects such as company dress code, compensation policies, the amount of sick time or paid time off available for employees, as well as additional employee benefits.

Your employee handbooks also help prevent legal disputes between employers and employees. In order to ensure that all employees have received and reviewed the employee handbook, they should be required to sign an acknowledgment form.

Moreover, an employee handbook establishes important legal protections for employers and defines the employment relationship. 

Although every part of the employee handbook works hand in hand, Innovative Sobriety Solutions, LLC ONLY work with your Drug-Free Workplace policy and procedures.    


The Key Facts in a drug-free workplace policy are:

Outlines the job duties, expectations, and code of conduct for all employees.

Helps protect employers in the case of legal disputes. 

Critical to compliance with state and Federal law. 

Second Chance Policy to reduce the amount of employee turnover and increase company's bottomline.



We provide  Preventive Maintenance Services to keep your business up and running.


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