Drug Free Workplace


ISSLLC is Your Company's Best Choice for Helping You Develop Your Workplace Services

At Innovative Sobriety Solutions, LLC we understand that employers need to effectively manage the risk of alcohol and drug use in the workplace. Imagine an untimely loss of concentration, impaired judgement in a security sensitive position or even an unanticipated accident causing significant damage and/or personal injury can all have their beginning in unassesses and untreated employee substance abuse problems. Some job classifications, are "required by law," to submit to drug and alcohol testing.  The Omnibus Transportation Employee Testing Act of 1991 requires drug and alcohol testing of all safety sensitive transportation employees in aviation, trucking, railroads, mass transit, pipelines and other transportation industries. The Department of Transportation (DOT) strictly enforces these regulations and ISSLLC's Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) is specially trained and qualified to assist employers in their compliance with these regulations.

A program to keep the workplace alcohol and drug free, to reduce the liability related to on the job substance abuse, and an opportunity to comply with the U. S. Department of Transportation regulations. And with our qualified assessments, we can help you develop a Second Chance Program to retain highly qualified workers who may have issues with substance abuse.

Innovative Sobriety Solutions, LLC's Workplace program consists of the following services:

1.  Development of Program Policy and Procedures

2.  Consultation on Program Confidentiality Requirements

3.  Employee Education on the Drug Free Workplace Program

4. Trainings on Supervisor's Intervention/Ethics/Harassment

5.  Evaluation by qualified Substance Abuse Professional

6.  Case Management and Return to Work Planning

7. Employee Coaching for non-DOT employees

Why You Should Have A Well Developed Workplace Wellness Program?

Successfully managing the risk of alcohol and drugs in the workplace can save you money, stress and time away from work as well as improved productivity. ISSLLC can assist your company with creating and/or updating their existing Workplace policies.  In addition, we can conduct trainings that will ensure every employee understands the new policy and what the consequences are for violation of those policies. If an employee needs an assessment - our qualified substance abuse professional will ensure that the employee gets the best care possible to return to work with a safety first attitude and improved productivity. Call Innovative Sobriety Solutions, LLC for an initial consultation at 334-399-3301.

Our Workplace Training Program Can Keep Your Company Competitive

Having a successful company in today's competitive work environment means maximizing your personnel with strong interpersonal skills.  In addition to our Workplace Trainings, we provide a range of work life training programs designed to enhance your personnel's effectiveness and  workplace success.

Our trainings are designed to meet your needs.  We offer 1 to 3 hour trainings on a single topic of your choice or we can put together a series of trainings tailored to your company's  needs.  

Some of our most popular topics include:

Stress Management

Diversity Training

Conflict Resolution

Sexual Harassment

Ethical Workplace

Managing Anger

Coping with Loss

Workplace Bullying

The Difference Between Cannabis, Marijuana and THC and your State Laws

Be Unstoppable:  Pass Your Drug Test

If you are interested in hearing more about our workplace training program, contact us at 334-399-3301 or email us at drugfreeworkplaceservices@gmail.com.



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